December Service Project

On Friday December 1st at 6 PM there will be a service project at Heritage Drive Church.

After 2 hours spent on the service project we will car pool and head over to South Center Mall and visit the Giving Machines. It will be a wonderful night of service to others and all those available should plan to attend.

PLEASE NOTE: The next Fireside will be January 21st, 2024.

DETAILS of Service Project:

December 1 Christmas service project: Birthday Cake project and bereavement boxes for hospice.

We are asking for donations to fill the birthday bags; items to be donated would include things to make birthday cakes with for children in need. We are looking for  people to donate and bring the following items that each kit will contain:

  • Birthday bags large 1
  • Cake pan disposable 8 x 13th or too small pans
  • 1 can of icing per kit 
  • Cake mixes (1 per kit)
  • 1 Small bottle of oil per kit 
  • Candles  1 pack 
  • Sprinkles  2 small bags 

We will accept large bags or containers of sprinkles and we will use ziplock bags to divide them into smaller portions. We could also do the same for candles, we will put 12 candles and/or 1 pack per kit. 

Once we’re all done, we will donate these to the food bank.

We will also be making bereavement boxes for hospice family members who’ve lost a loved one. These Boxes are used for the patient’s belongings when they pass away and/or help for the family to take their belongings home from the hospice.