Annual Stampede Dance

Get yer cowboy/girl boots dusted off and bring them to our annual Calgary Regional Single Adult Stampede Dance.

The Dance will be at the Heritage Drive Chapel and will begin at 8pm

However, if you’re interstellar (cowboy jargon for interested) in a full day of stampede related activities, you’re invited to come to the stampede breakfast starting at 9am, hosted by Glenmore Park Ward of the Calgary Stake! Then, if there are enough of you interested; y’all can mosey on down to stampede grounds for the day (on your own dime) and then come’n back to the stables for some line dancing and cowboy kissing mug-shots in front of our dynamic Photo Booth for y’all to enjoy.

Light grubs will be served for y’all.

Date: July 8th, 2023
Time: 8:00PM
LOCATION: 935 Heritage Drive SW