December Info – Single Adults

There will be no Fireside in December. We tried to find a speaker but every person that was contacted was too busy.

But we already have a speaker picked for the January Fireside.

On Saturday December 11th at 2 PM we are meeting in Shannon Terrace which is part of fish creek. The location is in the SOUTHWEST part of Calgary.

There is lots of parking and we will have a fire. You should be able to find us on the opposite side of the buildings which I think are near the parking lot.

Any children of Single Adults are welcome to come with their parent.

Please consider bringing a ‘white elephant gift’ for all those that have done that before. That will help put people in the CHRISTMAS giving spirit.

There will be Hot Chocolate and snacks. No guarantee but maybe including donuts.

People have been assigned to ensure we have firewood to burn so there will be a fire.