August Event / Fireside

On August 15th there will be a fireside at 935 Heritage Drive SW in chapel at 7 PM.

Vaughn leavitt is speaking. His topic is:

God’s signature in the Natural World and in our Lives.

He will be discussing Science and link it to daily gospel living. There is so much in science that “denotes that there is a God” and Brother Leavitt will be discussing that connection.

link for zoom:

Aug 21 Activity – Sloopy Joe’s in the park

On Saturday August 21st at 2 PM we will meet in Glenfield Meadow which is in Fish Creek Park.

There is an area of the park designated as unreserved. A picnic table in this area is where we be. We should be easy to find.

Meal provided: Sloppy joes and salads provided.

Biking is possible if you bring a bike.

Please bring a dessert to share – Homemade or store bought.

Bring a Chair for yourself and maybe a Frisbee / games / board games.